Commercial kitchen equipment Ireland:

If you are planning to start up a restaurant or running some catering service, you are going to need the correctCommercial kitchen equipment Irelandto run a successful business. What Commercial kitchen equipment Ireland you will need depends on what your trying to accomplish to give your restaurant kitchen one-up on your competitors. When you search the Internetto purchasecommercial kitchen equipment in Ireland, you will be surprised to see countless types of kitchen equipment including refrigerators, dish heater, Panini maker, ovens, fryers and much more. All your searching for the best Commercial kitchen equipment in Ireland stops here! We only carry the best of the best. We researched brands for quality, construction, and durability so you wouldn’t have too. Go ahead and have a look around our website and feel free to contact our support if you have any questions. Further information on what we carry can be read below.

Refrigerators and freezer:

Whether you are operating or are opening a fast food, catering, or any other restaurant, freezers and refrigerators are a must and a necessity. In the commercial kitchen equipment business, Usually, restaurant manager has to buy edible foods in bulk so a chef can cook in large quantity. Therefore, the freezers and refrigerators have to be commercial grade to help store raw food like meat, fish, and cheese as well as cooked or semi-cooked foods. Refrigerators help in preserving food for a long time.

Beverages machines:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

What will be a restaurant that does not serve beverages? When you are buying commercial kitchen equipment, look for some good beverages machine. These machines include coffee machines, cold drinks machine, espresso machines, and others. You can purchase your beverage machine depending on which type of beverages you are going to offer.


Another required item for the commercial kitchen is ‘Ovens.’ If there is a portion of the desert in your menu card, an oven is a must thing for you. Oven helps to bake cakes, brownies, bread, cookies and other items for the sweet tooth. Not for the sweet items, the oven is essential to bake pizza, chicken bread, quiche, pasties. The oven has a fan inside, that spread the heat equally in the oven to cook the food while maintaining the equal temperature on each side.

Cooking ranges:

Have you ever think of running a commercial kitchen without having cooking ranges? How you will prepare food if you did not have a cooking range in your kitchen. When you are running a commercial kitchen, you need more than one cooking ranges. It is better to prefer a gas cooking range to electric cooking range because the heat of the gas is far better than electric cooking range heat. Some of the cooking ranges come with in-built oven also. If you did not want to buy a separate oven, then go for in build oven in cooking ranges.


Counters are also a necessary need for commercial kitchen equipment. Counters could be of two types, the serving counters, and prep counters. Unfortunately, you have to buy both counters. For cutting to decoration the food, prep counters are very helpful. There should be enough prep counters in a commercial kitchen to prepare the food. Alternatively, serving counters will help to arrange different salads, ice creams, cookies, and other ready dishes so one can see inside and choose. The serving counters could be hot and cold as well.

Electric fryers:

Almost half of the restaurant’s menu comprised of fried items. One can never think of running a commercial kitchen or catering service without having an electric deep fryer in the kitchen. These fryers give ease to cooking by making fries, fried chicken, fried fish, onion rolls, etc. usually fryers are manufactured of stainless steel material which gives them a professional look. Fryers also come in multiple sizes so you can use the size according to your its usage in the kitchen.